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jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010


Hey baby, my nose is getting big
I noticed it be growing when I been telling
them fibs

Now you say your trust's getting weaker
Probably cuz my lies just started getting deeper
And the reason for my confession is that I learned
my lesson
And I really think you oughta know the truth
Because I lied and I cheated and I lied a little more
But after I did it I don't know what I did it for
I admit that I have been a little immature
Fucking with your heart like I was the predator
In my book of lies I was the editor and the author
I forged my signature
And now I apologize for what I did to you
Cuz what you did to me I did to you

& si son mios nada más ; eso se SABE. Desde mis 8 añittos hasta ahora , los vivi escuchando. Gracias x ser TAN GROSSOS.

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